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I have been scrapbooking for more than a decade. I began to recognize the true value of photos and the need for their preservation after my first child was born in 2006. Photos enable people to reconnect with all of the great memories in their lives as well as with the disappointing times that put one’s growth into perspective. Over the years, I had collected and scanned a lot of old photos that were very special to me – and I knew how much it meant when I was able to organize and present them.

An introduction to digital scrapbooking was what tied so much of my life and family history together. The photos I collected from my father’s life alone tell a vivid story of his immigration, his life as a scholar, parent, and now grandparent.

Starting this business seemed natural for me. I look for creative and interesting ways to chronicle a person’s life. Once a client and I have thoroughly organized their photos, it becomes clear how to best create their albums, e.g. first year of life, yearly vacations, birthdays, special events or interests.  I also love to help family members connect with one another through their shared memories which are tied to photos and events from their past.  I want to hear each family’s unique story and have worked on books that have revived everything from decades-old family vacations to a grandparent’s introduction to American life in the early 20th century.

In each case, working with family members targets the moments they remember most and helps them track down photos to support those moments.
Creating books provides more than just photo collections.  These books provide a history for generations to come.

There is no more wonderful feeling than leaving a person’s home knowing that they have just been helped accomplish something they were unable to do on their own.

I am blessed with two fantastic children, and a great husband. My life here in Westchester affords me ample time to work closely with my clients and help them preserve their memories.

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